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Creatures of the Midwest: prequel

Ava Silvers

A witch who has lost magic, turned vampire, wants to find who cursed the vampires.  

Without her magic Opal isn’t as powerful as she needs to be to save those she cares about. If she’s not careful the others may find out about her secret and then she would lose her position in the cast.   

But that’s not the biggest problem she’s facing, there’s something odd with the vampire blood, it’s tainted, some died and some didn’t during the purge. This has something to do with the vampires having witch friends… why would someone put a curse on the vampires?  


This Past Spring
Love On Summer Break: prequel

Stephanie J. Scott

It’s spring break and I’m stuck cleaning up after animals at my mom’s vet clinic. Until one tiny terrier decides to make a break for it. 

I’m chasing the speedy dog as she hauls it out the clinic door when I nearly run down the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. Lucky for me, he reacts quickly to my urgent situation. Now we’re both chasing the dog. After my mystery guy catches the runaway terrier, I definitely owe him big-time. He has an idea how I can help him in exchange for keeping mum about almost losing a client’s dog: pretend to be his girlfriend at his grandparents’ upcoming fiftieth wedding anniversary party. 

Fake date this hot guy? How could I say no? He needs me to be the capital-N nice girl to show off to his family. No problem there. I can be the nicest nice girl who has ever niced. Too bad he’s actually into wild and interesting girls—things I’d never describe about myself. Too bad because I’m falling for him. Fast. 


A Shower of Stars
The Summer Triangle: prequel
The Winter Hexagon: prequel

Lyndi Allison

Jas, an astronomy geek, and his artsy rival Gloria both vie for her mother’s attention at the observatory when what appears to be a meteor bursts with light as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. 

The meteor, or whatever it is, explodes and quickly extinguishes. A cloud of steam rises at the point of contact. As it cools, it freezes into ice crystals that fall in a shower of stars. Inspired by her muse, Gloria writes about the unusual phenomenon. 

How close does her fictional story resemble reality and what does this have to do with her father’s death?

 A short story prequel to The Summer Triangle Trilogy and The Winter Hexagon Trilogy, A Shower of Stars shares what happens before the teens teleport light years to help alien children and work through their grief. 

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