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Shadowhurst Mysteries: prequel

A.N. Sage

Who said fairy tales aren’t real? 

I have it under good authority, they’re not only real, they can be a veritable nightmare.  Not only do I possess magic; I also belong to a secret coven of witches who’ve been living in plain sight.  

First came the fun part. My powers manifested.  

Next came reality. Trouble found me.  

One minute, I’m living my life without a care in the world. The next, I’m dodging a mystery stranger who can’t get enough of me. 


When The Crows Call
The Avalonia Chronicles: book one

Trish Beninato

In my dreams, I feel the Earth scream in pain and remember a place more fantastical than dreams are capable of creating.  

My name is Morgan, and in all my seventeen years of being a ward of the state of Massachusetts, the only constant in my chaotic life has been Logan. A young orphan left with he scars of the fire that took his parents. Logan is the only one who knows my secrets, and the magic inside me. He’s the little brother I never had and I’ll protect him at all costs. So when we find ourselves adopted and sent to Ireland, it seems good things are finally happening. Only, Ireland is full of magic and its own secrets. Nothing is really as it seems. 

And when one of our foster parents finally show up, I’m left with a decision that will forever break my heart but save a world beyond the only one I’ve ever known. A decision that will change me forever.