For Authors

Our goal is to do a quarterly book promotion for authors of YA.
We will coordinate within an invite only/hidden Facebook group.

On a specific day we will post links here on the website to participating books (limited to one book per author/per blast) that will be FREE. 

It's FREE to participate however there is the expectation all authors will share on any social media platforms they have and in the newsletter.

Founder, Jenni Ward, has been a published YA author since 2020 but has found it difficult to find ways to promote YA books without them being mixed in with adult ones. All self-published young adult authors are welcome to participate. The easiest way to get an invite to the private group is to contact an author who has participated (more information below) and politely ask them to invite you to the organisation group.

What do you need to know?

Each other needs to know HOW to set their books to FREE for the assigned day on their platforms.  Any authors who don't do this may be barred from participating in future blasts.


Q: Where is the hidden group link?

A: The group is hidden so it can't be found. If we make the link public we would be inundated with fake or scam profiles - we don't want this! This is why the group works on a referral method.

Q: Is this a paid promotional opportunity?

A: No, it's completely FREE. 

How Does It Work: The Nutshell Version