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Memory's Wake

Selina A. French

Memory is having a bad day. Torn through a magical portal. Her past unknown, stolen. She has no idea how much worse things will get. 


A Vampire in Disguise

Ava Silvers

A witch’s mission to find her sister’s killer leads to otherworldly dangers. 


Good and Evil Magic

Jenni Ward

I can't wait to know what type of witch I'm about to become, but I didn't expect to have a demon, an angel, and pain in the butt Mason tagging along.

To get to my witching ceremony I might have to be bad for good reasons. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? 


Fans & Fins

Amy McNulty

A dapper vampire. A sullen merman. Two heirs to a great conflict—and each needs to claim a beloved to become his kindred’s champion. 


An Extraordinary Few

Pam Eaton

An Extraordinary Few is a fast-paced urban fantasy romance filled with mystery, intrigue, and secret agents wielding supernatural powers. 


Secret Life

Bria Quinlan

What if the secret you're keeping is who you really are? 


What Are Friends For?

Sarah Sutton

Word of advice: don't play a blindfolded kissing game at a party, or you may end up kissing your best friend. 


Dear McKinnon

Danielle Keil

McKinnon Gregory has a secret admirer. There's only one problem-- she's the new girl at school and barely knows anyone-- especially the guys. Can she figure out who he is by the end of the month? 


The Fake Dating Trope

Jennifer Ann Shore

When Lucas Hunt proposes that we fake a relationship to get what we both want, I think it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. 


All Star Love

Stephanie J. Scott

When Maisie Maxwell's beloved tennis academy is struck by scandal, a reality show swoops in with their own agenda. Maisie and transfer student Shane enact a secret plan to save the school. 


Music & Mirrors

Candace Robinson

He’s a Mirror Keeper. She’s a Piper. And their dimension broke them apart...  


The Chronicles of Blood & Stone

L.L. Hunter

In the second instalment of the bestselling Legend of the Archangel series, blackmail leads to bloodshed and bloodshed leads to revenge 


The Ever Trilogy

Jessa Russo

Dive right into this young adult paranormal romance and join Ever in her race to save her soul while she juggles both the love of the dead boy next door—and the soul collector who's come for his soul. 


Alpha Kona

Marissa Rivera

After her family is killed, Kona must run to find help. With a strong willed gamma, she embarks on a journey that will force her to realize the only help she needs is to wipe the blood off her hands 


The Lines Between Our Stars

Lyndi Allison

A duo of teens are ready to take on formidable foes with courage, ingenuity, and a little help from the universe. But can they find their way home? 


The World Below

Vivienne Lee Fraser

When a gnome breaks into her home Pris's life is thrown into disarray as she is pulled into a magical underworld. 


The Vigilante's Magic

Julie L. Kramer

Can a superhero use her newfound magic to protect her city - and her friends?